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What We Do

Textarnel prides itself of the high quality services it provides.


Current Market Segments:


Packaging - Develop packaging solutions that match your expectations and ambitions, using the best quality materials and manufactured with the most advanced technologies available.

Main current market - Scandinavia (Sweden).


Paper Trade - Representation of several paper mills from Scandinavia, USA, Asia and South Africa; offering our customers a vast range of papers and cardboards from sheets to reels depending on the clients requirements.

We are responsible for the CPLP countries (Portuguese Speaking Countries), Greece, Ukraine, amongst other regions.

Graphic Machinery - Representation some of the worlds leading graphics machinery manufactures combined with our used machinery partners we will be able to offer you cutting edge machines at a competitive cost and with all the long term support your company may need.

Laboratory Glassware - Having a truly whole rounded manufacturer in Portugal and with representation with the major global manufactures (i.e. Schott) we can offer tailor made production and support adapted to your requirements - Glassware, plasticware, disposables and much more


Our company is built on over two decades of experience and is reknowned within the market for its excellence. Having acheived this status we offer:

Consultancy Services for companies within the packaging, production and printing markets.


Develop / Design and Implement new projects or expansion plans for your business.

Practice Areas
  • Packaging Solutions

  • Consultancy Services

  • Innovation & High Quality

  • Laboratory Glassware

  • Paper Trade

  • Graphic Machinery

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